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I got Covid.

News » I got Covid.

Hey everyone!

I’m back from AniManGaki! Thank you to everyone who came to visit! I hope you had a good time and, if you attended my panel, that you enjoyed that as well!

Unfortunately I’ve tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, and for the past couple of days, it’s been really bad.
Some of my friends have mentioned that the symptoms can be mild, however, I’m very certain the one I have is anything but mild.

Standing hurts, sitting hurts, hell, even lying down hurts. I’ve been trying to work on the next animation and the MMO series, but I can’t even sit down for 15 mins before my back and chest starts hurting. It gets hard to breathe sometimes, so I’m being extra careful with my posture!

I’ll be taking a break as I recover, and once I start feeling better, I’ll be sure to start working on more content!
Til then, please take care!

Love you much much, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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  1. Hey Rando, I hope you feel better soon! Remember to drink plenty of water and rest whenever possible. Don’t feel like you have to keep working while sick, we’re all more concerned about your well-being, buddy!

  2. I saw the image before reading the title and thought you got someone pregnant, lol.
    Take it easy dude, don’t die and all that.

  3. Take your time to rest and recover. My mom tries to do heavy lifting type stuff even though she’s got a bad back right now and we tell her not to. Things can wait until you’re better.

  4. Hope you recover soon. When I got it, it was the one that could kill. I had it for 3 weeks. This was just after Holloween last year.

  5. Get well soon! Also, get your hands on a Pulse Oximeter which measures the oxygen saturation of the blood. If it gets below 90 get to a doctor asap.

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