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My First Guest Appearance at AniManGaki (ft. @Emirichu)

Videos » My First Guest Appearance at AniManGaki (ft. @Emirichu)

Thank you AniManGaki for the opportunity to be your guest! I am honoured to have had my first guest appearance be with you!

Also, thank you Emirichu for your company throughout the event! It was a pleasure meeting you in person! Truly!

In case you’re curious about the other guests who don’t physically appear in the video:
– Shirahama Kamome Sensei (Witch Hat Atelier), has kindly requested to not have her face shown publicly.
– MindaRyn’s management team has kindly requested that footage of her and her stage performance not be included in this video. Pictures taken by the AniManGaki crew would have been fine, but I personally wanted only video footage to be part of this video. My apologies.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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