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[ SITE ISSUE ] Login Issues *RESOLVED*

News » [ SITE ISSUE ] Login Issues *RESOLVED*

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to quickly mention that users have reported trouble logging into the site to access ‘Supporter’ content.

If you’re suffering from this issue as well, please know that I’m currently working on resolving this as fast as I can!

I’ll update this post if there’s any changes!


UPDATE (02/11/2022):

So apparently the issue seems to have stemmed from a site plugin updating and resetting itself without my knowledge. This plugin has a direct effect on the ‘login form’ which seems to have caused the issue of people being unable to sign in. I have made the necessary changes, so hopefully it’s been resolved.

If you still can’t login, a possible solution you can try is to clear your internet browser’s cache and cookies, then refreshing the webpage, and then finally try to login again.

Should you still run into login issues after that, feel free to send me a help request using the feedback form by clicking here!

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