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Price increase for shirts on Represent store

News » Price increase for shirts on Represent store
Hey everyone!
I come bearing some unfortunate news regarding RandoWis merchandise, specifically; shirts.
I had planned to relaunch the [ pinku.papuru ] shirts around this time of the year, however, before I could, there is a matter that must be addressed.

With the way the world has been recently, the cost of producing shirts have gone up considerably on the Represent store. So much so that the previous discount codes I created for supporters couldn’t work for a period of time as the prices of each unit for certain shirts would’ve been too low after discount. If you noticed (at the time of this post), the singlets have disappeared.

The only way to fix this seems to be to recreate the singlets with an increase in price. However, if the price of each singlet matches that of a shirt, it wouldn’t make sense in terms of product value. So to maintain the balance of the value of each product, all of them will have their prices increased at the same time.

I intend to implement the new prices as follows (prices are in USD):
Singlets/Tank Tops – $19.99 ► $21.99
Shirts – $21.99 ► $24.99
Long Sleeve – $24.99 ► $27.99

What do you think?
I had wanted to inform everyone publicly first before making this change soon (possibly by next week).

Unfortunately these changes in pricing will also affect every shirt release moving forward, including the upcoming [ pinku.papuru ] re-released shirts.

Let me know your thoughts if you have any!
Otherwise, I hope this will explain the price increase for merch in the coming days.

Nonetheless, thank you for your continuous love and support!
I’ll see you in the next post!

3 Responses

  1. Honestly not that bad, it’s the average price for a T-shirt and other clothing articles. Don’t stress too much, take care of yourself!

    1. Agreed, those are not unreasonable prices for custom T-shirts. (The international shipping fee they charge for a mailbox parcel is, though. OTL)

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