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During my tenure on Patreon, Patrons could suggest scenarios that they would like the RandoWis cast to be in. The highest rated suggestions became the doodles you can see below.

This project was a victim of my over-ambition during the early years of RandoWis.
At the time, I naively thought myself able to handle an infinite number of projects at once despite being a solo creator.

Though I had fun making these when they began, the fun began to cease as I had put too much on my plate,
which led to my eventual burnout in 2017 and the discontinuation of certain projects as time went along.

I keep these up here as a reminder of the consequences of unchecked ambition accompanied by improper management;
mistakes of which, I hope you can learn from as well.

Despite the history, I look back at these with a sense of reminiscence and not hate.
I hope that you would too.

– RandoWis

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