Hello Everyone, Goodbye Patreon.

Oh no. Clickbait.

Anyway, below are the screenshots of the entire Patreon post I made regarding Patreon’s policies and why they convinced me to leave the site. The post no longer exists on Patreon (along with every other post there) as I have unlaunched my Patreon page and am currently in the process of getting it completely deactivated. Feel free to read at your own time.

*1 – (Rando’s Tweet Disapproving Of Patreon’s Actions)
*2 – (Patreon’s Tweet Denying The Anime-Style Ban)
*3 – (Waero’s Patreon Post Regarding Patreon’s Guidelines)

I screwed up.

Hey everyone!

Just a quick message; I screwed up big time.
I forgot to pause the billing for this month’s Patreon billing cycle, and by the time I realised, about 100-200 Patrons had already been charged because of my mistake.

As such I have unlaunched my creator page immediately to prevent anyone else from being wrongly charged.

If you are one of those Patrons who have been charged for 1st October 2020, I deeply apologise for this oversight of mine and do know that I am currently in the midst of contacting Patreon to see if there’s a way to refund all of you. I’ll make an update once I get a response from Patreon.

As the RandoWis page has been unlaunched, I cannot make any form of official statements on Patreon itself, hence, I have made this announcement here as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Much love,

P.S I’ll be back soon. Apologies for the sudden silence. Thank you.

I’m leaving Patreon.

Hey everyone!

In short; It came to my attention that Patreon practices some really shady policies (in my opinion), and upon educating myself on the matter, I concluded that Patreon’s behaviour is not something I’d like RandoWis and this community to be a part of, hence my decision to leave.

I’m currently looking for an alternative, but it the meantime, I’ll work on RandoWis at my own pace. Once I’ve settled down on a new place, I’ll make another update to this situation via a YouTube video (maybe). For now, I kindly ask for your patience once more.

It took a little time and research, but I explain my findings, explanations, and opinions in this post here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/my-decision-39695763

Be warned that it’s a REALLY long post, but if you choose to read it, then I thank you for sparing the time.

Love you much much, and I’ll see you again in the next post. ♥