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Well, poop.

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Hey guys sorry for not posting comics last week, and I wont post anything next week either.

Reason being, 2 weeks ago, my grandpa was diagnosed with stage 3 Colon and Rectal Cancer (or Colorectal Cancer for short).
Things were ok back then, my grandpa fought strong, and things seemed like they were getting better. Doctors even said he had months to years left, so we were pretty optimistic.
However, he had an operation after that, and last week the doctors came back saying that the cancer turned out worse than they thought. It had already destroyed his lower intestines and has proceeded to infect his legs and bladder. They said it was officially stage 4 terminal cancer.  He’s too weak for chemo and his body cant handle another major operation.
They took back what they said about months and years to “weeks or a month, and if he tries, two.”
Well, poop.
The worst part is that everyone knows, except GrandpaWis himself. Kinda sucks doesn’t it. One of the hardest things in life is telling a loved one, he’s gonna go, especially if he’s happy-go-lucky. Can you imagine yourself on a hospital bed, and all of a sudden a relative comes along and says, “Hey I need you to write your will for me.” Sheesh.
SO, I’ve been trying to spend as much time as I can with old GranpaWis, and thus am putting aside them random comics for awhile. Thank you for understanding.
Do yourself a favor and stop reading my shit or any other poop on the internet for the next 2 weeks. Go outside and spend time with your loved ones or something.

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