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Sorry I haven’t posted anything in the past 2 weeks guys, I know some of you out there are waiting for my comics each week, some of you still are. I know how you feel guys, I’m subscribed to some guy who hasn’t been posting his stuff as frequent as he said too, and its pissing me off. Some Randowis guy or something. That ass-wipe.

Anyway, the reason why comics have fallen short a little recently is because I’m working with a friend to set-up an official portfolio website. Its a lot of work from both of us, and I’m terrible at multi tasking. We’re still at the beginning after all this while. So I’m just saying that I am still posting comics, but its gonna take a little longer to get them done.

Apologies, and Peace

P.S Here’s a sneak peek of my unofficially official logo.


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