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Short Comics » Sunburned


Even Rando has feelings too, you know.

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  1. I don’t know if you will find time to read this, since you are prob very busy with your work. But I just wanna say THANK YOU!! Your set up and delivery of the stories, followed by the drawing to go with it are just too AWESOME!!! I’m so glad I found one of your comics, on another site and decided to look up your website. I haven’t laughed, cried and had this much fun in a very, very long time! I’m deff gonna tell all my friends (all 4 of them) about your website. Your comics/art have put my mind and body at ease. Way freakin better than any damn drug the fuckin quacks at the VA hospital have done to “help treat” my PTSD. Please keep up the great job you are doing. I hope you can destroy what ever bullshit life is throwing at ya and keep doing what ya enjoy. From what I’ve read so far, I’m not the only one you have helped with your comics/art. I’ll send ya some help in Patreon when I can bubba. It will be the least I can do. Again Thank you!!

    1. hope your ptsd gets better and you get better stay well lad

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