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They be robbin’ us like pirates with those ships.

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  1. At least they ship. When I wanted to buy a new mouse for my PC, I got a “Sorry, we don’t ship to your city right now.

  2. dude I love you and your brilliantly expressive art style, I was wondering if it’s ok for me to use some clips as WhatsApp stickers ? Ofc if anyone asks who drew it I’ll always send em your website.

  3. Reminds me of my plan on buying a set of Friulmodel metal tracks for a scalemodel Tank I was building. The shipping costs would have been like half the price of the fuckin’ tracks >_<

  4. @Dentic Steelseries ($10 item, $40 shipping), Blizzard ($40 bag, $40 shipping), Sideshow Collectibles ($80 item, $120 shipping), many of the custom t-shirt sellers (this comic explains it already), the list can go on and on.

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