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Short Comics » Soap



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  1. I’d just like to mention that balls have tastebuds.
    look it up.
    you can taste soy sauce.

  2. yeah been there done that.
    feels freezing and burning at the same time… several hours of “freshness”…

  3. Was visiting my parents and used their shower. Rubbed some shampoo in my hair and use the leftovers to wash my nethers. Then my scalp started pleasantly tingling. Then my balls caught on fire.

  4. I’m sorry, but now I’m having Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire playing in my mind. Hopefully comic Rando hadn’t lathered any of that soap anywhere near that part of his butt?

  5. Once paid a dude $5 in basic training to use an entire jar of tiger balm on his tenders. Hell for two days.

  6. I would describe that feeling more like holding ice-cubes with your butt-cheeks and in your armpits, but i guess it’s all the same. Love that comic.

  7. *in a mocking voice* “why do you check the ingredients on soap? It’s soap, it cleans!”
    That’s why ^

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