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  1. Push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, and planking are just a few exercises that can be done practically everywhere my good man. Good on you for trying to stick to losing weight and getting in shape despite all that’s happening. Good luck and high five! You can do it! You and your webcomic are awesome!

  2. Yes… Especially now with stores restrictions in place my diet consists of poptarts and burgers from the local place I work at.

  3. Normally, I’m all about people expressing themselves in whatever way they feel they want to. But you’re an exception. Please just stop. Your comics aren’t funny. Your “jokes” are at the base level of intellect. I normally don’t give a shit. I really couldn’t care less, but man. Man. This is just the worst set of comics. You’re eventually going to stop at some point in the future, just go ahead and do it now. Save us from your bile. Thank you.

    • There’s a really, super duper easy, simple solution for you then. You ready? Here it is: stop visiting Rando’s website and let those who enjoy it, enjoy it in peace. Thank you.

    • Yah, honestly the fact that you took time to go onto the site and click the comic to leave a comment is pretty sad actually. There are a couple web comics I do no like, I have seem them circulate on different social medias. I say meh, and move on. Ah well I suppose, some people just lack the self control I suppose :p enjoy your day! 🙂

    • Oof. How to spot the significantly LESS talented webcomic artist.
      Green really isn’t your color. XD

    • Says “couldn’t care less”, but is obsessed enough to post a full paragraph in the comments about how he’s read all the other comics.

    • Disgraceful. I can hardly imagine that if you really felt that the comics were indeed as bad as you say, you would just leave. Please cease to haunt these message boards. Begone apparition!

      • I am absolutely WHEEZING at this I’m laughing so hard, not only did you actually deign to look the Troll in the face, you called him out for his hypocrisy, and it’s got to be the highlight of my god damn day!
        What’s even better, it was probably effortless for you to make this, and it’s as funny as the original comic!

      • Congratulations ZetroHermit. You have been awarded the clown costume. Feel free to put it on while on your YouTube, Twitter, or whatever. Made from only the saddest trash found in the ocean.

      • This was pretty good also Puss-bot i need to say was the saddest trash from your soda bottles and grocery bags cause it seem that way

    • Listen to your exclamations? nahhhh. Listen to your critic? nahhhh. Listen to your slander? nahhhh. Listen to you talk? nahhhh

  4. Just do squats. You don’t really need upper body training to get slimmer. And when you can do enough squats, it becomes cardio.

  5. When All Might flexes, he gains few meters.
    When Rando flexes, he gains few kilos.

    Imma do comics out of this

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