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Why… #9

Short Comics » Why… #9

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  1. The last thing Rando did before disappearing for 2+ months was pondering making a Puss plushie on Twitter. As an avid Prequel fan, I fear the worst.

  2. You know I feel this more myself with going to the store, thinking I am needing this and when I do get home with it I come to find out. I had plenty all a long.

  3. Why are people being so mean to our boy? Rando hittin’ us with some slice of life and all y’all can be is salty

    1. The site got botted and they’re all getting trolled by a singular virgin and, like fools, everyone thinks they’re real people

  4. Man. I do feel this even more lately. My friend brought home like 4 bags of different types of bread.

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