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Sorry for not making a post in so long!
For those who weren’t on my twitter or Patreon, basically I was hospitalized for about a week.
However, I’m back now and I’m recovering just fine!

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      But for real, I believe his intestines were clogged (he said on his Twitter)

  1. WElcome back Rando!

    I see my carefully built virus have failed…

    but don’t ya worry! the next one will be….one to die for 😉

  2. Would you please serialize “We are living in a M.M.O”? To be honest, the drawing quality and the theme is quite gatching. Please, make it a monthly based comic.
    Why don’t you put ads on the website to obtain some kind of revenue other than Patreon? I would gladly disable adblock on the site (as long as it’s nothing obstrusive).

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