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Why… #8

Short Comics » Why… #8

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  1. I do that. Except with my toe. And I don’t just take it. I scream. Very very very very loud. Then my mom says I’m fine.

  2. Honestly the lack of pain is what gets me puss is just lack ” really man you just had to do it” in the most calm manner

  3. Holy shit… Almost grew a Sixpack from laughing after seeing the Cats face – Brought me back to the early Rando days when I first came across the comics 🤣

      1. Wait, really?? If they did ban rando, that would be ridiculous. Webtoons is running “The Princesses’s Jewels” which is the most garbage and unholy comic on the face of the planet. THAT series should be banned.

  4. They don’t have to walk between our legs, especially down the stairs. They don’t need to stand where we’re putting the food dish and scream. They don’t need to howl into the void (closet or hallway) while we’re trying to sleep or do stuff. They don’t need to tangle their tails up in our computer chair wheels, or steal our seat and dig their claws in… But freaking inglorious Chris almighty do they excel at it.

    Like, bruh, stop trying to sauté your bean toes…

    World’s most inefficient mouse trap – I’d take 20, but my landlord told me to get bent.

    1. My favorite part is when I really have to use the bathroom, like “potty emergency” levels of need. A DRIVING need! And my cat sees me get up and thinks “oh hey, he’s getting up, I dunno where he’s going, but I’ll lead him there.” in the slowest possible movement she can, taking a few steps, stopping and turning around to make sure I’m still following her then all but crawling up two flights of stairs, stopping at the top of each to watch my fat ass all but crawl up them myself (as a cripple stairs are difficult, made worst by weight issues), then when I finally get to the bathroom and begin…. THE PROCESS… she sits outside and screams and sings to me the song of her people until I come out, trilling and purring with her fat bum in the doorway so I can’t get out.

      I can move fast-ish along a flat surface, but not when she insists on being in front of me, leading me like a slow semi on a narrow road. Drives me batty.

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