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10’000 subs on Tapastic and 25’000 followers on Facebook!?
To celebrate, I’m holding a Q&A!
Ask me whatever you’d like to know
about me, RandoWis or’MMO?!’ in the comment section!
Once there’s enough, I’ll make a quick video to answer them questions!
Love you all much much!

68 thoughts on “ASK ME STUFF!

  1. Is Sadako and her… relative… pay rent? Considering that you’re not freaked by their presence i assume they’ve been living IN your house for some time…
    Could you… draw Gadget Hackwrench?

  2. I’d like to give you the 2$ a month but i’m súper poor. Intention counts? F*cking love your work dude it makes my day

  3. One of your greatest assets on these comics is the hilarious facial expressions your characters have during their reactions. Have you purposefully cultivated that skill, or did you find that you had a knack for it without working towards it?

  4. what’s the greatest influence on your work? and do you plan on making any other kinds of comics in the future?

  5. You are who? Why did I just find you? Why are your comics so hilarious? Why am I recommending them to everyone I see?

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