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10’000 subs on Tapastic and 25’000 followers on Facebook!?
To celebrate, I’m holding a Q&A!
Ask me whatever you’d like to know
about me, RandoWis or’MMO?!’ in the comment section!
Once there’s enough, I’ll make a quick video to answer them questions!
Love you all much much!

68 Responses

  1. Are you actually a seagull and have you ever considered posing at tourists for free food.

  2. I was going back on the older posts again and I saw that you said that you were going into the army with your friends. Was that true or a joke?

  3. Have I been picking up on a certain… chemistry ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) between Lu and Rando in “We Live in an M.M.O?” Or am I just shipping that which should never be shipped? and If you don’t want to answer that directly and spoil anything, what are the chances of any kind of romance appearing in the comic. And don’t lie, because I know for a fact there’s some fire going on between Amirul and a special somebody

    (Hint: Also Amirul.)

  4. What happened to jinx? greetings from Argentina, your art/comics is awsome keep up the good work

  5. Are all your characters based off real people? If so do they know they are the inspiration for the character and did they like or hate being said character?

  6. Is rando still a virgin? And can he beat his grandfather record?

    Btw u r awesome Rando!

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