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The Departed

Short Comics » The Departed


I doubt we’re the only ones.

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16 Responses

  1. I love this haha! It’s so relatable. My husband and his friends always do this, and I have a friend I do the same thing with.

  2. I can’t tell about the “girls way of behaving”, but for the boys one, what this comic depict is SO true. This is the way we say “I love you dude. No homo”

    1. The question isn’t why did he, it’s why didn’t you put put the faces over over the picture

  3. That’s how all guys act.

    Now here’s how girls act:

    Oh dear we’re so gonna miss you moah moah….girl leaves… Oh we finally got rid of her. she’s such a bitch. can you believe it? she was looking at your boyfriend the whole time.

    1. Did you had some bad experience with girls thinking they are like that? Or just generally hate them?

      1. Nah. It’s a known fact. I am married and I have several female colleagues. This is exactly how they act.

        1. Don’t befriend them lol it’s not a known fact, some girls just choose the wrong friends.

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