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(UPDATE) – MMO: Chapter 6 Out This Saturday! **UPDATED**

News » (UPDATE) – MMO: Chapter 6 Out This Saturday! **UPDATED**

Need to catch up? Then click here to read the rest of the series first!


Hey everyone!
Just wanted to give you guys an update on Chapter 6!
So as we all know, Chapter 6 is coming out this Saturday!
However, before that, I’d like to mention one other change that I’ve made to the MMO series!
That change being; from Chapter 6 onwards, MMO will be using the ‘manga’ reading format.

For those who are not sure what this means, allow me to explain.

Think of ‘reading format’ as the direction that the comic is read.

Usually, comics follow the standard left-to-right reading format.

Mangas however, are read in the opposite direction, from right-to-left.

Currently ‘We Live In An MMO?!’ uses what I personally call, the ‘webcomic format’, which is read from up-to-down.
(Again, the name isn’t official, just a personal reference.):

..and here’s how to read the new manga format that I’ll be adopting for ‘MMO?!’ from now on:

Quite a change eh?

– “Why the sudden change?”

Well, for a couple of reasons actually.

First is that CLIP STUDIO has many of these manga-panel templates already set-up to be used instantly, which saves me a lot of time when compared to manually creating each panel for every MMO chapter in Photoshop.

Second, is that with a clear direction to read MMO now, I can create more panels in each page without having to worry about you guys getting lost reading halfway through.

(A problem I had with the current ‘webcomic format’, is that because I set it up to be read simply from the top to the bottom of the page, sometimes following the panels gets inconsistent. Sometimes it’s left-to-right, sometimes it’s right-to-left. There is no proper flow in the paneling in my opinion. Adding the text after that might make it difficult to follow through the panels as well, and would sometimes just make things downright messy.)

Also, using the current format, each page would have an average of 4 panels, but with the ‘manga format’ each page has an average of 6 panels. This means that with more panels per page, I can create better flow and pacing in the storyboards, and the visual story-telling in general.

-“Why don’t you just use the manga panels, but still keep the reading format as left-to-right?” 

This is for a personal reason, honestly. Although I could have done this, I felt it would be weird if I did. It would end up looking like a conflict of interest, in my opinion.

I have personally ran into webcomics where they adopted the manga format for their comics (panels, treatment, etc..), but still kept the reading as left-to-right and it feels just wrong and confusing to me.

It’s like taking a shit standing up, or fishing with your penis.

You could do these things, but you just don’t. (Just me though.)

Anyway, I hope you guys are alright with this change!

I can’t wait for you to read this chapter!

Oh, right! One more announcement!
The character illustrations will be adjusted to fit a more manga look as well!

Sugoi desu!

See you this Saturday!

17 Responses

  1. 殺してください — does this mean “please kill me”? Did I get it right? Can I be proud of myself?

  2. Pretty sure he’s joking about the art style, I sure hope so.
    I don’t really agree with literally anything in this post but it’s his work so I can’t really tell him how to art.

  3. Damn, I was confused when re-reading previous chapters and got to chapter 6 and was like “what? I think I was reading it the other way around!” No problem for me, I read webcomics in left to right, and scanlations in right-to-left, so good to know which one is going to be right for MMO 😉

  4. +1 for multiple panels.
    -1 for right to left – Even when I myself read manga, left to right is the traditional flow for western people.

    Still, it’s your work and I’ll like it even if you follow that direction.


  5. Totally on board with the manga format!
    Too often when coming off a manga binge, I got to relearn how to read left to right comics.  Just make sure you can break the template when required (or just draw your own lil boxes). No one says you can’t have overlapping windows.

    About the art change? You have an evil sense of humor comrade! >:b

  6. Uh, please tell me the characters aren’t all going to look like that example. I love your original style of drawing


    Oi but real talk Rando don’t push yourself, we can wait for you when you need time.


      1. 10th time?
        Pump those numbers up!
        Those are rookie numbers in this bracket!

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