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Doodle Winners #61!

Doodles » Doodle Winners #61!

Hey everyone!
Here are last week’s doodle winners!

You all know what I’m gonna say, “Sorry for being late… AGAIN!”.
The winners last week went through several re-dos before I was satisfied!
I hope you guys didn’t mind the late post though!
Thank you for your patience!
Hope you like’em!

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Bonus Winner:


12 Responses

  1. You’re not actually still using Windows XP as a daily driver, right? That’s the borderline IT equivalent of being an Anti-Vaxxer nowadays.

    Also, what are the chances you could upload all your doodles as their own series on Tapas or WebToons?

    1. Sure, just let him use Windows XP if he likes it. Let people be Anti-Vaxxers if they want to. Why wouldn’t people be allowed to live according to their own preferences as long as they don’t disrupt other people’s lives?^^

      1. Tbh, being anti-vaxx puts in danger the people around them and themselves since they are a million times more likely to get diseases that could’ve been easily avoided

      2. CyberAids, that’s why. One severe enough attack on Rando’s PC’s and whatever self-sustainable job he had as a freelance artists takes a hit in the groin. If that happens, not only will he personally get royally screwed IRL, it also means we might not be getting any new content from him for a while (or at worst, if at all).

        Analogues to Anti-Vaxxers, who are not only screwing themselves by not vaccinating, but also everyone in their surrounding by serving as a delivery mechanism for various contagions.

  2. I’m not gonna say it… I swear… I’m serious… Buuuuuuuuut, IS THAT A JOJO’S REFERENCE!?

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