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Doodle Winners #69!

Hey everyone!
Here are this week’s winners!
I’m missing Halloween already.. oh well!

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Bonus Winner:


6 thoughts on “Doodle Winners #69!

  1. Nooo! My nostalgia! Oh how I miss the buffeta where they trust you with an open fire (or my favorite mom and pop one that was a bunch of coals in a flower pot)!

    Ah, the savory flavors and the tons of little bowls of other foods and garnishes!

    You make me want to visit the east again Rando!

    *drool drool*

  2. Hey Rando,

    i wonder: have you ever considered making templates out of the facial expressions you’ve created?

    They’re rather good after all, and making them into readily-available templates might encourage their viral use (on imageboards, social media and the like) and thus serve as a nice way to advertise your comics.

    Kind regards,
    tall guy

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