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Doodle Winners #66!

Hey everyone!
Here are this week’s winners!

Hope I got cyberpunk right!
Not really familiar with the genre, but it looks pretty awesome!

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Bonus Winner:


12 thoughts on “Doodle Winners #66!

  1. Ya knoooooow…
    After seeing Rando’s Bato, I am suuuuuuuper curious to see an entire spin off manga episode/chapter in Rando’s style…
    As a Shirow Masamune zealot (minus his dirty stuff), I totally dig your style Boss Rando!

    Now I’m wanting hard to see the cast as Appleseed characters! (With Lu as Deunan obviously :b)
    … or a double feature of Lu as the Puma twins from Tank Police!

    Dem bones dem bones! :3

  2. Look i don’t like being that guy, but you can’t just put your own characters in outfits from Akira, Ergo Proxy, Ghost in The Shell and Psycho Pass and call it proper Cyberpunk.

    All it does is make it look like they’re cosplayers rather than characters portrayed in a specific style.

    • It says cyberpunk style, a style, so cosplay/similar clothing from a cyberpunk style is fine in a doodle.

      What you want is a full authentic and unique cyberpunk style, which you cannot just doodle quickly. And cyberpunk style != cyberpunk system/society/city etc, in fact there is cyberpunk out there with little as just some network and normal clothing and all and it is still valid cyberpunk. Freaking heck, them all naked except for a thong is a valid cyberpunk style as the environment defines more.

      • So what exactly is your argument here? that Rando isn’t capable of doing a proper “in-a-style” doodle quick enough and as such, it’s okay for him to compromise over a cheaper quasi-Cyberpunk styles like other artists do?

        Because if so, you’re kind-of underselling him as he seems pretty capable of doing it properly from what he had already shown: https://imgur.com/a/8YYC5of

      • Woah woah! Chill, people!
        While I understand your plight and disappointment Night, I did mention that I am unfamiliar with this specific genre!

        As the ‘Anonymus’ comment above has explained, ‘cyberpunk’ isn’t really that straight forward of a style as it is with the other doodles you’ve given as an example!
        In my research for references, I noticed it was usually a combination of the character and the background that made an illustration ‘cyberpunk’ themed (or at least the more obvious ones)!
        In terms of clothes, they’re mostly like what you and me wear today, with a few neon linings installed here and there! Again, these are just things ‘I’ noticed in the references I found!

        Maybe there’s more to cyberpunk than that, and perhaps it was my lack of perception as an artist, or just a failure on my part that didn’t see what makes cyberpunk ‘cyberpunk’!
        Either way, in fear of getting the theme wrong or making the style too generic, the next best thing I could think of was to dress up the characters in cyberpunk ‘costumes’ that everyone was either familiar with, or could play a guessing game as to where they’re from!

        If that doesn’t sit well with you, I completely understand!
        You have every right to like or dislike my work, and the criticism is greatly appreciated!

        As for those who liked my ‘cyberpunk’ attempt, thank you! I’m glad you liked it as well!

        Either way, I thank you all for the feedback, love and support!
        I’ll keep doing my best!


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