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8 thoughts on “Ahead

  1. You label folders alot like I do!

    Except I do

    Works great for setting up future work and projects too!

    because this post still have few coment so so hopefully you can reply.
    I want to ask :where are working ? How did you met your cast member ?And what is a cast ?
    I want to say: i have a burning love for fantasy so am learnig to draw human (i have drawing for a long time but cant draw human) to draw comic. Until i read ”we live in an MMO !!?”, you showed me your world you create and i can feel even the wind, the sound, ANYTHING in your comic and it make me cry ”so beautiful” ,make my love for drawing growing even bigger. cảm ơn.
    P.s : This is not a compliment : YOU SUCK 🙂
    BTW do u have gf yet ? hope you find your dream girl soon 🙂

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