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Hey everyone!

Apologies for the silence these past 6 weeks and if it caused any confusion or worry for anyone. I appreciate the love and concern you guys had while I was gone, and am grateful for the support you’ve shared with me. Thank you. I apologise again for leaving some of you with more worry than you needed in your lives.

Things have been.. rough these past several months, to say the least. It’s just been one thing after the next ever since my PC broke down and the big move back in May. Progression of works in-general were EXTREMELY slow for a while.

These circumstances which demanded my attention only started to settle down in August, and that’s when I was able to properly refocus on doing MMO and other art projects properly. BUT THEN (in typical RandoWis fashion), I was required to return to the fire department as a reservist for 3 weeks starting mid September. So as you can see, when the dust settles, it’s just an illusionary calm before another gust of wind decides to fart its way through.

Seeing that MMO was already 4 months behind at that point, I decided to focus all my attention to completing chapter 8 first, including on the weekends, to make up for lost time. The idea was to spend a couple of weeks to finish Chapter 8, then continue on the weekly comics and other projects after. Was it ridiculous of me to think I would be able to catch up with 4 months of incomplete work in 2 weeks? Yes, because those 2 weeks became 3, which then stretched to 4, and finally resulted in the 6 weeks of silence we just experienced.

While this isn’t the most surprising of news for most of you, I hope I don’t come out as a broken record whenever things seem slow. If anything, I blame myself for not being able to cope with the circumstances and manage my time better. For those who are new (and those who aren’t familiar with RandoWis’ yearly routine), circumstances which require my attention get in the way regularly. I’ve accepted and embraced that now, instead of hoping things would clear up. I’ve always tried to keep up with both RandoWis and said circumstances in order to keep things flowing smoothly, only to fail each and every time. I’m done with that.

I’m done complaining about how things always aren’t working out. They won’t, and probably never will, but that’s not an excuse to stop trying! All this energy spent worrying and being anxious about falling behind on RandoWis would be better spent focusing on completing as much as I can, when I can.

That’s the mindset I intend to make stuff with from now on. Hopefully this way, I won’t have to go silent for too long again in the future. Things should be back to normal from this week onwards.

Thank you, sincerely, for your love and support.
Love you much much, and I’ll see you in the next post. ♥


Allow me to use this opportunity to clarify a couple more things though.

Firstly; streaming.
Some of you guys know that I do stream on twitch with the rest of the boys about 3 times a week, and despite these 6 weeks of silence on RandoWis, I have continued to stream there still. Allow me to clarify that I do my best to stream consistently despite my issues because streaming full time is not just my dream, but a dream all of us share and are working hard to achieve together. Unfortunately, the only PC who’s rigged to host our streams is mine, and I think it would’ve been selfish of me to get in the way of everyone’s dream, just because life isn’t working out for me in particular. I think if I did, then the problems in my life would have affected the rest of the boys as well. We’re working on rigging someone else’s PC as well to avoid a situation where everyone can’t stream only because I can’t. I hope this clears things up, and I thank you for the feedback.

Secondly; this post.
I’ve realised this post has garnered some negative responses over time, and I’d like to explain and clarify myself in the hopes that it doesn’t rub readers (past,present & future) the wrong way. Thank you everyone who’ve shared your thoughts and opinions about it.
Hopefully this explanation clears things up a bit as well.

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  1. Rando, your schedule is an upload every week or two for a while, then silence for over a month because life happens, and I think that may be a part of why some people stick with you through the silent patches, separate from what we think of your work. You always come back after life does whatever and keep on making great art.
    Also, have you considered just saying you might not post anything here for a while when you sense life starting to fuck with you? Might take some of the mental stress off by letting people know you won’t be posting anything instead of just stressing about getting something out soon™. All that said, take your time and deal with real life first, it’s more important.

  2. “I’m done complaining about how things always aren’t working out. They won’t, and probably never will, but that’s not an excuse to stop trying! All this energy spent worrying and being anxious about falling behind on RandoWis would be better spent focusing on completing as much as I can, when I can.”
    Wise words to follow!

    Thank you very much for your work and wish you all the best!

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re alive. It’s great to see your comics, but I (and I’m sure all your other readers as well) will always prefer you to take care of yourself and taking a break when you need to rather than burning out or something worse. Thank you for all your comics, and I hope everything is well.

  4. Hey man, you look after you first. You are by far one of my favourite webcomics and I’d rather you take it at your own pace, we can wait 😛 your own shit takes precedence.

  5. I’m happy you are back and fine, and I’m very anxious for the next MMO episode, good luck and be strong!
    We are all here with you!

  6. Hey man, end of the day life is rough and you can’t see the future to predict all the shit that gets in the way. As long as you are okay and can focus on the comics and art when possible that’s all that really matters. Nothing worse than trying to force yourself to do stuff when you’re feeling shit.

    Stay safe and keep up the good work bruh.

  7. Life always gets in the way and that’s okay, I will be here looking forward to more content, take your time and don’t worry about it!

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