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  1. Haha! Well, you’ll get there some day. Swole Rando will appear among us one day, and finally get more girls than Granpa Randow

  2. And here I was, so excited to see my fit rando returning. Hang in there. It gets better. Hopefully. (I’m still trying to build up myself)

  3. Hey Randow! The first thing you want to do is cut off sugar and carbonhydrate out of your life. This means no sugary drinks and no treets. If you can, try out raw vegetables diet for a week. Pepper, tomato, cucumber, eatch. It has lots of fiber in it while its low on calory. Your Body will burn more fat trying to desolve the fiber. And you shoul drink lots of water. But the most important thing is to exercise dayli. But make sure you rest when you feel tired. Dont over do it. Ok? And even if you cheat on your diet it dosent mean your diet is ruined. Just go back to your healty lifestyle like nothing happened. Oh and one more thing. Try to evade alcohol as well. Its not good for your belly and liver. + its gets in the way for building muscles.

  4. Rando not to put the salt in your electrolytes drink, but if you really did get… bigger – you realize you’ll need to update a banner? Do you even have TIME to do that? Between struggling with muscle ache, work and trying to not get knocked up by another food baby?

  5. Well, yeah, it’s gonna take a little longer, and you won’t always notice it until you realize you’re not panting while going up steps anymore. Speakin’ from personal experience. Still got a gut though.

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