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I screwed up.

News » I screwed up.

Hey everyone!

Just a quick message; I screwed up big time.
I forgot to pause the billing for this month’s Patreon billing cycle, and by the time I realised, about 100-200 Patrons had already been charged because of my mistake.

As such I have unlaunched my creator page immediately to prevent anyone else from being wrongly charged.

If you are one of those Patrons who have been charged for 1st October 2020, I deeply apologise for this oversight of mine and do know that I am currently in the midst of contacting Patreon to see if there’s a way to refund all of you. I’ll make an update once I get a response from Patreon.

As the RandoWis page has been unlaunched, I cannot make any form of official statements on Patreon itself, hence, I have made this announcement here as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Much love,

P.S I’ll be back soon. Apologies for the sudden silence. Thank you.

7 Responses

  1. Fat, lazy AND stupid.
    You are just the grand central station of fucking disappointment.

    1. May i just say, from all of us who enjoy this man’s content and wish him well in life, to you very singular person. Fuck off, find a way to get that serrated rod out of your ass, and then put yourself in a crate with instructions to a captain to drop it off into an ocean somewhere!

    2. No one needs useless comment like that here. I come here every week to read these comic weather they are new or old, I still enjoy them. If you have a problem with what Randi is doing then don’t come back to the site.

  2. Rando, as I told you before, we just want to support you and your art. While the Patreon only things were nice and all, 90% of us did it for you, not what we would get in return. Therefore, while I can’t speak for any of the others, I say to keep my money. You are staying true to your beliefs and code of ethics, I support that as I’m sure most of your Patreons do as well.

  3. First glad you are taking steps to fix your mistake
    Second since you closed the page people will no longer be able to see your post about why you are leaving pateron if you could recreate it somwhere that would be great

  4. I never had the extra money for patreon so I don’t have any stakes in the matter, but maybe if you can’t refund people you could do one of those online sticker sets I’ve seen other artists do and give it only to those that can prove they were part of your patreon in some way (they should have a receipt or something similar).

    It’s something small but most if not all the people that supported you on patreon did so because they love you and your work, so getting some custom art that was only given to those 100-200 people would be pretty special.

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