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Hello Everyone, Goodbye Patreon.

Oh no. Clickbait.

Anyway, below are the screenshots of the entire Patreon post I made regarding Patreon’s policies and why they convinced me to leave the site. The post no longer exists on Patreon (along with every other post there) as I have unlaunched my Patreon page and am currently in the process of getting it completely deactivated. Feel free to read at your own time.

*1 – (Rando’s Tweet Disapproving Of Patreon’s Actions)
*2 – (Patreon’s Tweet Denying The Anime-Style Ban)
*3 – (Waero’s Patreon Post Regarding Patreon’s Guidelines)

5 thoughts on “Hello Everyone, Goodbye Patreon.

  1. May I suggest using Liberapay as an alternative to Patreon. It’s open-source and run by a non-profit organiztion. You should totally check them out.

  2. Wait, you are not brazilian? In the next video you will reveal puss not to be a cat? I’m confused after this video, but will visit again.

    Wish you all the best!

  3. Damn good call.
    Patreon has removed many of my favourite YouTubers for things they did in the real world, or in completely different platforms unrelated to their own.

    Patreon has corrupted its original values, and now sees itself as the one paying the creators, not the man-in-the-middle that it actually is.
    Which is why it tries to control the branding and behaviour of all its creators.

    I’d recommend SubscribeStar as an alternative, apparently they give a better cut, and won’t try control your actions outside of their own platform.

  4. Hi Rando, thanks for this video. You seem going fine and that’s good news 🙂 best luck with new project and take care

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