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I’m On Pixiv FANBOX!

News » I’m On Pixiv FANBOX!

In case you hadn’t seen the ‘clickbait’ update video earlier, TLDR; I’ve left Patreon and am now officially on Pixiv FANBOX!

Support me at randowis.fanbox.cc for only ~$1/month and get access to everything I post there! That’s right, EVERYTHING!

8 Responses

  1. Yanno what? I will. That Have Some Fun video you did is literally what I watch when I need some cheering up now, so fine. Have 100 yen on me. 😀

  2. Does this mean you’ll not be posting here anymore for things like We Live in an MMO!?

  3. I’m glad it says 2020 and not 2019 or something so I can know he’s still alive *gets in amirul stance*

  4. Well I’m happy you chose to leave them
    They have been doing some shady stuff
    and I left them about a year ago I think
    I’m on alternative platforms like subscribestar
    I came here wondering what was going on since you didn’t uploaded for some time
    I’m happy it’s not anything worse
    Stay safe man and pet cat for me ^^)

  5. Wow, what a bargain.
    I thought you’ll be muuuuuuuuch fatter in person from the comics. Lost weight or you LIED? Hella nice jawline dude

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