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Why… #1

Short Comics » Why… #1

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  1. For a second i thought that was a human organ body part. If it was he should have eaten it (for legal reasons this is a joke)

  2. that one time and moment where you put your hand down somewhere to only notice you have touched some rubbery texture and it had to be some random piece of chewed gum that is conveniently placed where your hand was at

  3. “Why… #2” is when he discovers that he also sat in gum.
    “Why… #3” is him realizing the whole bench is gum.
    And “Why… #4” is him finding out that the bench is actually a mimic and he’s about to get eaten… until he wakes up.

    1. I think “Why…#4” should be him standing up and as he’s walking away the entire ground is pulled up followed by a zoom out shot of the entire world being gum

  4. Hi rando! You are one of my favorite creators on the internet. Your facial expressions are gor tier.

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