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Why… #2

Short Comics » Why… #2

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  1. It goes even further beyond when a snigle drop of sweat travels down your back after this. It stings so hard, right down to the core of your believes. Reverses your evolution.
    I mean, just hurts

  2. I did it! I went back and liked every comics post I could find.

    Otherwise, yeah… very relatable. Though what’s a bit worse is catching that in time and hobbling over to the toilet and finding out you can’t properly sit down without relaxing your ass, and if you got liquid brown backed up, you’re… shit out of luck. 😀

  3. How about, hear me out, moments when your stomach was hurt like your hole is gonna produce a big brown torpedo, but when you sat on the toilet, there was only a small ‘pffft’ coming from your bottom.

        1. I believe the date is in a different, non-US standard. Where we are usually month/day/year, it is day/month/year here on the site. Took me a moment as well.

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