RandoWis Live Drawing + QnA Panel (AniManGaki 2022)

The following footage was recorded and provided by courtesy of AniManGaki at my request. My apologies to AniManGaki for the troubles encountered, but thank you so much for helping me record my first ever panel! Much appreciated!

My First Guest Appearance at AniManGaki (ft. @Emirichu)

Thank you AniManGaki for the opportunity to be your guest! I am honoured to have had my first guest appearance be with you! Also, thank you Emirichu for your company throughout the event! It was a pleasure meeting you in person! Truly! In case you’re curious about the other guests who don’t physically appear […]

Hello Everyone, Goodbye Patreon.

Oh no. Clickbait. Anyway, below are the screenshots of the entire Patreon post I made regarding Patreon’s policies and why they convinced me to leave the site. The post no longer exists on Patreon (along with every other post there) as I have unlaunched my Patreon page and am currently in the process of getting […]

Randowis QnA #1!

Hey guys! Sorry for no comics this week, but here’s the QnA video! Click Here! Really sorry for the delay though! Life really likes to give me lemons, you know! WHY DO YOU KEEP SPAMMING LEMONS?! Anyway, thank you for your patience, love and support! It always¬†means alot to me!