Adventure Calls

Zelda’s in trouble bois. Support me on Patreon for Art Streams, Step-By-Steps, a Timelapse Process Video and more!

Dafurst Mountain

I followed a Bob Ross episode for this as I’ve hardly/never done background art before and had no clue where to even begin, so thank you Bob-Sensei. That was magical. I think I’ll make it a point to watch more Bob Ross when I make future cover art. Support me on Patreon for Step-By-Steps, a […]

Lu Sky

Hey everyone! Sorry for the silence over the past week! After my HardDrive crashed, I tried upgrading my PC which then brought up a whole plethora of new problems. I spent the past week trying my best to fix my PC WHILE making preparations for the move and making the actual move itself. I was […]

Gumroad Store!

Our Gumroad Store is finally live! If you were ever interested in my Patreon Rewards but didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t support me on Patreon, you can now get them on Gumroad instead! Wallpapers, Step By Steps, Time Lapse videos and more! All products are fixed at $5 USD each! If you’re a Patron looking for old rewards, […]

Sorry buddy

Always felt horrible knocking Pikachu off stage in Super Smash Bros, so I made this. Get Step-By-Steps, Time-lapse Process videos and more on my Patreon! Click Here!

Doodle Winners #70!

Hey everyone! Here are last week’s winners! Holy shit, it’s December already?! Winners: Bonus Winner:

Doodle Winners #69!

Hey everyone! Here are this week’s winners! I’m missing Halloween already.. oh well! Anyway! Have doodle ideas? Share them today on! Winners: Bonus Winner: