The food was horrible by the way.

Edit (2/10/2019): So I’ve realised this comic in particular has been garnering negative vibes for a while now for being somewhat insensitive to some. The joke not being funny is a completely valid argument to make, but do note that this is, with all intents and purposes, a joke. The joke being my ‘response’ to an individual, not the individual himself, nor a particular group of people.

This comic was made during a period of time when I was unsure of how to respond to flirtatious advances made by people of the same gender, as I was still insecure about my own masculinity. Over time, I’ve learned to how to accept these insecurities and grow past them, while realising that there are more mature (and funnier, while still being respectful) ways to turn down flirts that we’re not comfortable with.¬†In other words I’ve realised that my “response” in this comic is the equivalent of being an asshole and I apologise to anyone who felt disrespected with said “response”. Hiding our insecurities (be it mental/physical/sexual) should not be at the expense of anyone.

With time, I’ve grown to understand that I am 110% confident that I not only like, but love, da pussy. However, if I flirted with a lady (not that I have the confidence to), and she responded by flipping me off, it’d be an instant boner killer for me too.

If you felt this comic was homophobic, I can probably understand why. Perhaps this comic was a poor representation of the discomfort and insecurity I had at the time towards being flirted by someone of the same gender, but I hope the explanation earlier cleared things up of what the joke actually was and how it could’ve been done better. Allow me to clarify that I do not have anything against homosexuals, nor was this comic a jab at them.

Also, I won’t delete this comic as I’d like to keep it up as a reminder to always be better than the immature self I used to be, and that I used to be this immature. Hopefully, this can be referred to as proof that, with time, people¬†can be better.



Ahhh, life strikes again.

So things haven’t been…kind, for the past few months.
Specifically for about half a year actually.
Don’t worry though, it’s not hard to cope with, if you have your priorities right.
Family comes first, but unfortunately, that means sacrificing time from RandoWis.

I’d just like to apologise for the silence and lack of content to everyone, especially to those who support me on Patreon these past few months.
I know I’ve promised all kinds of cool ass rewards for supporting me there, and I DO
have more rewards in mind that I’d like to add soon.
However, what upsets me the most is that in order to keep things somewhat in order here, my commitment to Randowis has to be interrupted regularly, which results in less stuff being made, thus not being able to give back to you guys who’re constantly supporting me.

I’m still trying my best, both at home and RandoWis, so please bear with me.
I’m just trying to give back the love, WHY IS THAT SO HARD???
Love you much much. Peace.

We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 3

Oh my god! It’s finally out!
Thank you all so much for your patience for this Chapter!
I’m sorry this Chapter took longer than the previous ones!
The amount of lemons that life kept giving while I was making this Chapter was unbelievable!

Thank you all so much for the love and support!
Your love keeps me doing what I do! Never forget that!
And a special thanks to all my amazing Patrons for allowing me to do this as my job!
Enjoy the read!
Rando going rest now.

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